Pranayama workshop

with Sara Granström

Explore the joy of pranayama and deepen your understanding of the different techniques involved.

During this afternoon workshop we will introduce the profound practice of pranayama, the traditional breath control practice from the hatha yoga method.You will learn and experience, in your own body, why pranayama is considered to be such a great tool for spiritual growth. Discussions and explanations on the details of practice gives a foundation for continuing your own personal program of exercises at home. This is a perfect opportunity to ask anything you have wanted to know about pranayama or to satisfy your curiosity about this profound art.

Chanting and working with the element of sound gives another excellent platform and support for bringing calmness and clarity into the mind. This prepares us for the rest of our yoga practices while also being full of it’s own benefits.

Short on Pranayama
The word ”pranayama” is often translated as ”expansion or elongation of life force” and it represents one of the main methods of classical hatha yoga. In this tradition of yoga, pranayama is maybe the most highly regarded tool to be used for creating a greater contact with the inner world and more subtle parts of us as human beings. Through regular pranayama we prepare the body and mind for further meditation practices.

About Sara
Sara began her professional journey as a classical musician, studying for 6 years at schools such as Malmö Music College and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. She is now an “Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher” (ERYT) according to Yoga Alliance standards and a senior teacher at Samahita Retreat, one of the most successful yoga schools in Asia. She also writes and runs teacher training courses at Yogayama in Sweden.
Her body awareness began with studying gymnastics and martial arts from a young age. Her deep and compassionate understanding of asana comes from many years of practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga and traditional hatha yoga, with teachers like Paul Dallaghan, Chuck Miller, Richard Freeman, Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi, Sara is a long term student of Shri. O. P Tiwari and has through the method of classical pranayama developed her understanding of the importance of a balanced breath in both yoga practice and in life. In her classes she highlights the deep meaning of the inner attitude in practice, often using chanting, meditation and gratitude.

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Kl 14.00-17.00

Tillfälle: 12 maj
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390 kr
Sara Granström